IMG_0158Welcome to my blog! I’m Marlene (Mar for short). I’m a single mom to three awesome kids ages 15, 16, and 20. I love the beach, yoga, wine, reading books (thrillers and mysteries), drag shows, gay men, my Shih-Tzu Kobe, and great food. This blog was created to give my readers, specifically single women over 40, permission to live their lives without apology. To do what makes them happy. Fuck what society says! Eat the fattening foods, drink the whole bottle of wine in one sitting, and screw the 25 year old guy from Tinder. Just be authentic! I look forward to sharing my adventures in parenting teenagers, awkward situations that ALWAYS seem to find me, dating, casual relationships, and domestic topics such as shopping and cooking. Peace!

(Photography provided by: Ceserae Jones Photography)